This is a four bedroom Bali style house, ideally for an outdoor lifestyle. All living spaces, including bedrooms faces north. The public spaces are designed around a patio entertainment area which forms the heart of the house. The main bedroom is separated from the other bedrooms for more privacy. It shares a balcony with one bedroom and a linking passage. The main bedroom has a comfortable bathroom and dressing area. The guest bedroom is kept on the ground floor with its own bathroom, which doubles as a guest toilet. This Bali style four bedroom house is a slight variation on B278AS with a larger balcony. The access from the street is on the south side. All the bedrooms and living spaces are north facing, with the dining and living spaces designed around a central patio area. The kitchen has a separate laundry area. The main bedroom with its en suite forms part of the eastern wing. The guest bedroom and other bedrooms are situated on the western side of the house.