Contemporary Style House Plans

After the Post-Modern and Deconstructivism era of the Seventies and Eighties a different kind of dynamic modern style developed which can best be described as Contemporary. It is more expressive in terms of form, function and use of materials. A diversity of materials and finishes is associated with the Contemporary style, such as pitched sheet metal, or concrete roof tiles in combination with flat concrete roofs. Walls can be a combination of glass, brick or stone panels alternating to express a functional interaction between internal and external spaces. Clever interaction of the structure sometimes create the effect of a floating balcony floor or a floating roof, extracted from the solid structures by seemingly invisible glass panels which in turn can create variable internal volumes. Solid wall panels can be pierced with small windows to create a rhythm of light holes in a wall. The use of either wood or aluminium can successfully complete the intricate combination of materials of this style.