Frequently Asked Questions

I have found the plans for my dream house on the website, but will prefer minor adjustments. Can that be done, and at what cost? offers a wide variety of architect designed house plans at very affordable prices. The inventory of available building plans grows steadily as new plans are constantly added to the website. If you however see a plan that conforms to your needs, but you would prefer some minor adjustments, send us an email with your request. The in-house architect will respond and if it is a minor change, it will be done at no extra cost once you have ordered the plan. You can also order the plans in electronic format. Any architect or draftsman in SA will be able to open the plans and make adjustments to your requirements. You still save a huge amount as the basic design and building plans are complete.

From 1 July 2006, all persons practising architecture or submitting building plans to local authorities will be obliged to register with SACAP.

View the notice. will supply you with our registration number should you only order plans in hard copy. will only certify the building plans, excluding the site plan and or any other changes made to the original building plans. You could otherwise opt to get a draughtsman in your area to do the site plan and the approval at the local authority. Please see directory for contact numbers of SACAP and SA institute of Draughtsman.

Will draw up a customized building plan according to my own needs from scratch?

No. only sells pre-designed building plans from its available inventory of house plans, but will accommodate minor adjustments as described above.

What is expected from me after I have received my building plans?

After your order has been received, will courier your complete set of building plans to your specified address, within 5 working days of receiving your payment. All you need to do is to fill in your own particulars in the spaces provided on the building plans, and complete the pro-forma site plan with the particulars of your own stand. This will include the position and dimensions of your site boundaries, as well as the position of your sewer connection point, and you will have to draw a connecting line from the sewer line to connection point of your stand. This information is available (usually free of charge) from the town planning and town engineer's offices of your local authority. Then you need to submit the ready to be approved plans at your local authority.

Please note that most local authorities will levy a certain plan scrutiny fee on submission of the building plan. Also see the relevant section in the website, on the Building Consultant section.

What else will be included in my package delivered to me?

This package will include a set of ready to be approved building plans, plus the number of copies as ordered by you. Your pro-forma site plan will also be included to be used as guide when completing the site plan on your newly acquired building plans. The package will include other documentation as indicated on your order form, such as a pro-forma tender document, a typical agenda for your site meetings with the building contractor, a payment schedule which is a handy tool to calculate monthly payments to your contractor as well as a contract document, if your have ordered one, all with the compliments from

We have handed the plans that we have received to our builder who requests the following: Steel beam design, Roof plan, Electrical plan, Plumbing plan and the Foundation plan.
These don't seem to have been included in the plans sent to us?

The plans that is provided by, complies with the minimum required by the National Building Regulations for approval at any local authority in South Africa.

With regard to your query:

  • The design of a steel beam has to be executed by a qualified structural engineer.
  • A roof plan is not a requirement for local authority approval. There are numerous so-called design and supply companies with an in-house structural engineer with the software packages, who design the roof trusses and provide an engineer certificate.
  • An electrical plan is not required for plan approval and we have found that people have very different requirements with regard to positions of lights, switches, power points etc. It is very easy to sit down with an electrical contractor (or electrician) and mark up a drawing with your requirements.
  • The drainage (sewer) layout is indicated on the plans as well as elevations on drawing no. 01 in a colour code as required by the National Building Regulations.
  • cannot provide a foundation plan, as the soil conditions at the locality of every standard plan sold is not known. It is also not required for plan approval. If there is any slight suspicion that the soil condition is not sound, it is advisable to appoint a structural engineer to advise on the foundation design.

How do I buy a building plan from the website?

Once you have reached the pages where the sketch plan of your dream house is displayed, you can add this plan to your shopping basket. Just click on the Shopping Basket link. You can add as many plans as you want to your shopping basket, and later remove them again. Once you have made up your mind, click on the link telling you to proceed to the check-out point. Please follow the prompts onscreen, and provide all the information as requested. You can at any stage back out of this process by simply clicking either on your browser's "Back" button or by clicking on any of the links on the website. On finally submitting your order, you will be presented with a confirmation page with a reference number. Please print this page for your own record by clicking on your browser's "Print" button. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order number and the banking details. Once we have received confirmation of payment of the purchase price, the package with your building plans will be dispatch within five working days. You will also receive an e-mail from giving you the waybill number from the courier company, to enable you to track the delivery yourself.

How safe is it to provide my credit card details over the Internet? makes use of PayFast's payment gateway. PayFast is a comprehensive and secure e-commerce systems available, incorporating SSL encryption and tamper-proof digital objects to assist in the prevention of hacking and impersonation. A secure firewall security system and an offline encrypted storage facility to minimise risk and provide peace of mind.

PayFast also offers fraud protection with the implementation of 3D secure: a technology developed by MasterCard and VISA as a means to reduce online credit card fraud.

If you still don't feel comfortable using your credit card online, you can make an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) using the banking details provided.

Why should I buy from instead of appointing my own architect or draughtsman?

All plans presented on the website reflect very high architectural design standards, and are sold at a small fraction of the prices normally charged by a draughtsman or architect. Please see the comparison between our prices and the typical industry related prices listed with the detail of each plan. You simply cannot afford NOT to buy your building plans from! However, should you wish to appoint a professional to have your house custom designed to your individual requirements and serve as a project manager you must appoint an architect to provide a full professional service. You can appoint one of the architects in your region by contacting us, or consult either the SA Institute of Architects or the telephone directory, for an architect in your area.

If I agree on a plan and payment is done what time period am I looking at before actually receive the plan?

It usually takes a maximum of 5 working days for the package to be delivered to your doorstep, after confirmation of payment has been received form Absa Bank. Please note that it will be delivered by courier and it cannot be delivered to a postal address.

It is important to note the following:

  • It may take longer for a delivery to a township.
  • Deliveries to neighbouring states may take up to 10 working days.
  • If you have ordered a List of Materials and Quantities, allow 10 working days for the unit costs to be updated by the Quantity Surveyor.

Our record shows that packages have often been delivered two days after confirmation of order and payment.