Frequently Asked Questions (Sample and more info)

What do I get when I order a Plan ?
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  • Included in the purchase price you will receive a set for approval at the local authority. Included in this package is one set of colour coded copies complying with the National Building Regulations as well as a set of black and white copies.
  • You can also order one master set of complete building plans (black and white) which you should retain for yourself in order to make copies in future.
  • You can also order as many additional copies as you like.
  • The prices for the additional options are displayed on the order form.
  • You also receive the basic information of the plan that you order for your site plan which includes a pro forma site plan as displayed above.
  • If you have to submit your plans for approval at a Home Owners’ Association, we would recommend that you order the Presentation Colour Drawing for submission with your Site Plan.
  • Optional extras: List of Materials and Quantities [read more], Building Contract [read more], Electronic Copy [read more], Tender Documents (FREE), Site Meeting Agenda (FREE) and a Payment Schedule (FREE)

    List of Materials and Quantities

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    You can order the List of Materials and Quantities of the specific plan that you have ordered for only R 800. Please allow an additional 5 working days for delivery. International Countries may take up to 14 working days.

    Electronic Copies

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    The electronic copy contains the drawings in DWG and DXF format as well as PDF Format and could be ordered at the additional cost of R 1000 per CD. A few of the drawings are available in Revit Format at an additional cost of R 5 000 per CD.
    Should you be interested in ordering the Revit Format please send us an email of the plan code that you are interested in, and we will let you know if it is available.
    Please note that since 1 July 2006, all persons practising architecture or submitting building plans to local authorities will be obliged to register with SACAP and provide their registration number on the plans.

    View the SACAP notice [139kb]

    Important! cannot provide the SACAP registration number if the plans are provided in electronic format (dwg, dxf, cex or Revit), due to the fact that has no control over any changes made to the plans afterwards and can thus not certify the building plans. will supply you with the SACAP registration number should you only order plans in hard copy (blue prints) and pdf format. will not certify the site plan and or any other changes made to the original building plans by your own draughtsman. You could appoint a draughtsman in your area to do the site plan and facilitate the approval at the local authority. Please see directory for contact numbers of SACAP and SA institute of Draughtsman.
    Value-Add Pack!
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    With every plan that you order, you will receive the following documentation free of charge that will assist you in the tendering and
    building process:
  • A Typical Tender Document
  • Agenda for Site Meetings with your Building Contractor
  • A Payment Schedule to calculate progress payments to your Building Contractor

    Electrical plan and Bill of Quantities for the Electrical Installation

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    You can order the complete electrical layout plan as well as a List of Materials and Quantities for the electrical installation tenders of the specific plan that you have ordered for only R 900.

    Terms and Conditions:
  • Allow additional 5 working days for delivery.
  • International Countries may take up to 14 working days.
  • It is important to note that an electrical plan is not required by the SA National Building Regulations for plan approval at any South African local authority.
  • In order to keep the cost for the basic building plans as low as possible, the electrical installation documentation is offered as an optional extra.
  • The layout is generic and any changes may be effected by discussing with electrical contractor.

    How to order a plan

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  • STEP 1Go back to the page where you have viewed the plan.
  • STEP 2In the top left hand corner in the box "Other Options" click on "Add to basket".
  • STEP 3On the next page, click on "proceed to check out" if you find the correct plan in your shopping basket.
  • STEP 4Thereafter follow the easy steps carefully, make your selection on the extras on offer and finally click on order.
  • STEP 5Confirmation of your order will appear and we would suggest that you print this page for your own record.
  • STEP 6You can choose between a credit card payment and a bank transfer. The necessary details will appear on this page.
  • STEP 7Remember, we will only process your order when we have received full payment of the purchase price.



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    Your package will be delivered, by courier within five working days after ordering the plans and payment of the purchase price. Please allow an additional 5 working days if your order includes the List of Materials and Quantities.
    Please select the correct destination on the order form to determine the courier costs.
    Helpline 0861101529
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    If you still experience a problem in ordering a plan, contact our helpline (0861101529) during office hours.