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Choose a style for your dream house from the following styles available: Tuscan, Bali, Traditional, Thatch Roof, Modern, Contemporary, and more...  See example styles

The Size
Determine the size you can afford. All the house plans on inhouseplans are presented in square meter floor area. As a guideline, calculate building cost as presented. (Refer to the section on Building Costs). The floor area as indicated on the individual plans includes all covered areas. For instance, the floor area of a covered patio is included in the floor area. Any roof overhang less than 1,0 meter is not included in the floor area.

Check the size of your stand and ensure that the plan of the house you want to buy will fit onto the stand. The overall dimensions of the house is indicated on the plan presented on the website

The slope
The slope of your stand plays an important role in deciding what to build. The house plans on the website are mainly designed for a relatively flat site. The slope can be accommodated to a certain extend by cutting away on the one side and filling on the opposite side. However, it is not advisable to fill more than 1,0 meter on your foundation walls at the lowest point. If you suspect that the slope on your site is more than that, appoint a land surveyor to do a contour plan. (Refer to the section on Surveyors in your area).

Facing North
It is important that your house is north facing, in order to optimize the effect of the movement of the sun in the different seasons. The plans on the website all clearly indicate the preferred position of the north point. Do not deviate from this position by more than 10 degrees to the east or west of north.

Street access
Street access is also important. Most of the houses have been designed to accommodate an entry from any direction. Do not choose a house with a west entry, when the access to your stand is from the eastern side. In some instances if your stand is large enough to accommodate the access road from the opposite side, around your house to the garages and front door, any access can be chosen

Check the positioning of the adjacent houses, their living areas, swimming pools etc. All of this will have an impact on your privacy and living conditions.

Consider the value and position of any existing trees on your stand. An existing tree can be an asset to your property provided that the root system is not a danger to your foundations or sewer line and it does not block the winter sun from your living rooms. Beware of messy and foreign trees, especially near your swimming pool.

Service Connections
The position of service connections i.e. sewage, water and electricity is also important to take into account in order to minimize your connection costs. Although it is not worthwhile to compromise on the design of your dream house to accommodate the relatively low costs of the service connections.