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Are you scared of all the pitfalls and legal issues clouding the thought of building your own home? Do not despair! You will find your online building consultant right here at

The process of building your own dream house should be one of the most exciting times of your life, but more than often turns out to be a nightmare. Here at we specialise in being your on-line architect, as well as your on-line building consultant. You can find all you need to build your dream house right here, without ever having to consult anybody else.

  • Need a full set of building plans designed by a professional architect at an affordable price?
  • Need financing in the form of a bank loan to build that dream house?
  • Need a professional building consultant to explain to you all the legal processes and tell you about all the pitfalls to avoid, free of charge?
  • Need to know more about the process of building your very own house, free of charge?
  • Need to contact or to visit the websites of suppliers of products and services in the building industry, free of charge?

No problem! is your one-stop on-line architect and building consultant, offering you all the services you will ever need to build your house. You can even apply on-line for a bank loan to finance your house, and you can search through our business directory to find just the right shower door or kitchen fittings.

If you cannot find what you were looking for, or you would like to have one of our plans customized? Please complete the special request form (click here), and click on the submit button. If we cannot help you with changes that you have requested, you can buy the full set of building plans in electronic format at the same seriously reduced prices. A local draftsman can then change the building plans for you. You still save a huge amount, as the basic design and building plans are complete. the plans are provided on a CD in three different file formats, dxf and dwg, and some plans are also available cex or Revit. Any draftsman or architect in South Africa should be able to open the files and revise the plans for you.

From 1 July 2006, all persons practising architecture or submitting building plans to local authorities will be obliged to register with SACAP.

View the notice.

inhouseplans.comwill supply you with our registration number should you only order plans in hard copy. will only certify the building plans, excluding the site plan and or any other changes made to the original building plans. You could otherwise opt to get a draughtsman in your area to do the site plan and the approval at the local authority. Please see directory for contact numbers of SACAP and SA institute of Draughtsman.

Everything you will ever need when it comes to building on one website!